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In a reply to some more b.s. from The Diana, I mentioned the "Tagle Letter" and received a few comments inquiring about it. Actually the Tagle Letter had nothing to do with the letter Mother Dawn intercepted and forwarded to Rome, but it gives me an opportunity to say something about my "sources." 

But first, to answer those who do not know about the Tagle Letter affair. 

In May of 2014, a neocat reporter submitted a story to the Umatuna claiming that Cardinal Tagle of Manila had invited the Kikos to Manila "to hold a vocational meeting with the youth." 

Of course the local Kikos were all gah-gah about such a high profile invitation. The trouble was, there never was one. 

I knew for a fact that there had been NO invitation from Cardinal Tagle and that it was just another Kiko ploy to name drop and make the Neocats seem more important than they actually are. In other words: LYING. 

Unbeknownst to the Kikos I had proof in hand and proceeded over several posts and comments to have fun taunting them. What else can you do with people who insist on lying to their followers? 

On May 31, 2014, I noticed that the above article had been scrubbed from the Umatuna website where it once proudly consumed the headlines. So I KNEW that the Umatuna must have gotten the letter from Cardinal Tagle telling the Umatuna staff that there was no such invitation. In fact, I also knew that Cardinal Tagle had intended his letter for publication. 

Instead, the Umatuna printed this:

That weekend's Umatuna went to press on Thursday, June 5 (2014) and I knew that Tagle's letter to the Umatuna was not in it, so on Friday, June 6, I dropped the bomb in a post entitled NOW CLICK HERE.

The post generated over 200 comments and caused a firestorm over at The Diana. They were furious that I had THE TRUTH and used it against them. (Read the whole hilarious drama at this series of posts. Start at the bottom.)

I bring this up because, as you have long seen, every time I am able to document the truth, the Kiko's go nuts trying to discredit me and the people they think are my sources. Never mind that my documents actually prove the truth. The main thing for the communist Kikos is to destroy the messenger, any messenger, anyone who does not subscribe to their manufactured reality. 

The truth about my sources is this: Apuron has treated so many people so badly for so many years, that once there was a forum like JungleWatch to expose him, documents and letters poured in, including many from the Chancery itself. LOL. 

This is why Apuron went to Rome to get Cardinal O'Brien to shut me up. LOL. (Read about that here.) He knew what was coming. And COME it did. Courage :)

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  1. I'm glad that it's so easy to play with the Diana followers. They'd believe that dogs came out of cars asses if Kiki told them to believe it.