Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Posted by Frenchie

This past weekend, a very public "call to Joy" at the Cathedral Basilica has been a very rude awakening for many, to the fact that despite the spiriting away of Apuron and some highly publicized cosmetic changes, which includes the appointment of a Co-Adjutor in the person of Archbishop Byrnes, very little has changed in the day to day reality of our Archdiocese.

This is the 800 Lb Gorilla in the room, that almost everyone has failed to recognize since this past November.
Indeed, the NCW trolls continue to troll.
  • The Seminary is still open.
  • The Proposed Moratorium by Fr Mike has gone nowhere.
  • Pius is still hiding at the Seminary, and continues to flaunt the Archbishop's authority.
  • The communities are still very active, and continue their termite work from within.
Apuron has gone into hiding in California, with the help of the NCW. (They are fast becoming the experts at spiriting away child abusers.)

Adrian has been rewarded by an opportunity to hide in Canada.
David the perpetual sickly evil doer, has once again pulled a Houdini on us.

Christmas has come and gone, and we are fast approaching Lent, yet it seems like nothing much has changed.

Indeed very little has changed, we have kind of fallen asleep at the wheel, happy with some superficial and temporary victories.

The 800lb Gorilla hidden at the Cathedral/Basilica has been the NCW community there.

For the last two weeks, and under the radar of the majority of the island, the Catechesis has been in full swing in Merizo, in Umatac, in Barrigada and in Agat.

In Agat, where the pastor is on vacation, Pius, the Putrid Monk, even had the gall to be the main celebrant during last weekend's Masses.

All the while our new Archbishop is too busy with the lawsuits, updating the Child Abuse policy (which Apuron had purposely left very weak), and trying to figure out where all the money has gone, not to mention any files that might not have been lost or destroyed.

The LFM has restarted its picketing
The CCOG continues its work
The lawsuits are moving forward.

Yet, the NCW is still here, and they are on a recruiting drive, with no apparent clear instruction for the clergy and us the laity, as to how we should proceed from here.

Our new leader Archbishop Byrnes needs to be clear as to how he wants to proceed from here.

This is where many have been dismayed, lost, and/or angered by this past weekend's  "Call to Joy"
Lots of ink has been spilled on the subject. Many rumors are floating around, from the mundane, to the most inane.

Certain parishioners, even going as far as spreading vicious rumors about other parishioners and/or priests. (Hardly what you expect from devout Catholics.)

One thing is sure, it is that this very public and poorly received "call to joy" has had the effect to awaken the faithful and the clergy to the fact that the NCW is very much alive and well and living on Guam.

Maybe this whole affair has a silver lining after all.... I shall not be one who will be surprised if we see some movement on that front sooner than later.

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