Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Bob Klitzkie wins an historic case, which has been hailed as a victory for the public, and Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson thumbs her nose at him. (There's a reason.)

Go to right before the end.

Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson with Patti Arroyo


Klitzkie calls out Attorney General over Land Management procedures


  1. Wow, the AG basically said "screw you bob." Guess when her back is up against the wall, E. Anderson is too busy and any case that's against this government which the AG's office was involved, gets thrown to the bottom of her files. Back room deals are well alive. What a sorry ass AG!!!!

  2. Guess the AG is stressing that she is not just above the law, she is the law, and she will get around Bob's concern when she has time, which means just forget it. Perhaps she forgot that she is a public servant, and her constituents want some answers on whether she is running a scam with DLA and or Apuron or the RMS, NCW? Keep on her tracks Bob, God Bless You for seeking the truth.

  3. As Bob clearly points: this issue is a lot bigger that the Yoña property debacle. It potentially affects each and every real estate transaction taking place on Guam.
    That property title to your familly land, to that house, to this development might all be not legal documents.
    Because of the latent nepotism, and the demonstrated Mickey Mouse practices of the department of land management which the legislative branch is supposed to overlook, but does not, we have a potential "perfect storm " of possible corruption and graft.
    The mere fact that the AG refuse to consider this as an issue is extremely revealing.
    In almost all historical cases of refusal to investigate in the USA, by an AG, the reason was tracked back to either a coverup or intent of cover-up related to a family member, friend and/or political connection; or to a personal political debt, better left unknown.
    The question then becomes: why is it that the AG is being so flippant and so arrogant on that subject?
    What is it that she doesn't wish to be revealed?
    The plot is thickening ladies and gentlemen.
    It would not be surprising that some deeper and darker shenanigans might be revealed, that potentially could derail
    an otherwise stellar career, or perhaps even worse.

    We the residents and taxpayers of Guam owe Mr Robert Klitzkie a big thank you of gratitude for unveiling practices that should not be tolerated.

  4. Ahhh, we come back to that mysterious blue Chevelle with its as yet unidentified occupants, parked in that nondescript parcel of land, in the vicinity of Pago Bay- that Blue Chevelle? Things that make you go, hmmmm. A fateful connection or mere speculation, perhaps?

    1. A fateful connection. As with the Blue Corvair (announced long before the connection was made by Ray DePlata who witnessed the Apuron three some on the 10 year old boy), the blue Chevelle connection shall be similarly made known in due time. I can say that it is directly tied to the Klitzkie inquiry.

    2. Corvair, Tim. Corvair. Special; wasn't it?

  5. The People of Guam have not forgotten the case of Francis Gill and Thomas Anderson who through close connection with DLM attempted to steal land from the Govt. We are seeing what appears to be behind the scenes dealing with DLM involving the AG, Apuron, Quitugua and the NCW. With Bob exposing that there was improper alteration made to the title of the RMS, We need to know why and how this can happen with the highest legal entity in the Government apparently involved in allowing this title alteration fiasco to take place, while writing it off as a non issue. Tell us AG Anderson, are you repeating what Thomas Anderson has done in the past?

    1. This is indeed very troubling anon at 2.12. Hopefully the MSM will have the wisdom and courage to follow up on this

  6. Run Bob! Run! (for AG that is, we need honest brokers in that office)