Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Justices void results of Guam Bar Association election

Well now! This is interesting! Yes, it seems wherever the "trained lawyer" goes, a certain foul smell follows.

As you may remember, the "trained lawyer" (which is what she called herself) burst onto the scene of the ApuronWars, in November 2015 with her attempted slap down of the CCOG and JungleWatch. In doing so, she made a serious fool of herself. Enjoy reading about it here, and here.

She then resurfaced in the Certificate of Title Fiasco as the mysterious person who procured and paid for the bogus certificate of title for the Yona property which David the Demon published in the Umatuna on November 29, 2015. And when we went to the Director of Land Management to correct it, all was going swimmingly until everything came to a stop and our noses began to twitch at that familiar stench. Sure enough. Behind the curtain, was the "trained lawyer."

And of course, it was the "trained lawyer" who as Apuron's pet monster, singularly went on the attack against Msgr. James in 2014, accusing him in his absence to the presbyteral council of the most ridiculous crimes. And then when Archbishop Hon cleared Msgr. James two years later, the "trained lawyer," who was the secretary for the Catholic Cemeteries board, concocted a false "unanimous" resolution authorizing herself to report Msgr. James to the police and the attorney general (her pal).

So you can imagine JungleWatchNation's dismay when we heard that she was running for president of the Guam Bar, a small but essential group necessary for the maintenance of a civil society. And you can imagine our even greater dismay when we heard that she "won."

But hold on there. Not so fast. The smell from the election was already wafting up from the soiled ballots before they were even counted. Cuz where the "trained lawyer" goes, "something rotten this way comes." Or should we say, something "has to be worked out," as Assistant AG, Kristen Finney, once told Atty. Bob Klitzkie.

But what to our wondering eyes should appear? But a Supreme Court decision, oh dear, oh dear! There it was! The news! The news! The Supreme Court of Guam ruled to VOID the results of the election that "elected" the "trained lawyer.!" 

Deck the Halls. It's an early Christmas. And glory be to Gloria (Rudolph)!  who "challenged the results due to 'excessive irregularities' and asked the court to order the GBA to redo the election."

Reading Gloria Lujan Rudolph's petition, we feel moved to make her an honorary member of JungleWatchNation. All alone, she stood up to a very powerful organization made up of her peers and said "Hell No!" Okay. She didn't really say that, but Gloria is obviously a fighter, who fought for truth and justice from an organization that is supposed to be, umm, well, all about "truth and justice!" The Guam Bar.

But man, did we ever dodge a bullet! Given the "trained lawyer's" resume, already stated above, can you imagine what we might have been in for had she gotten a hold of the presidency of this group??? Aiy, yai, yai, yai, yai (my Mexican mother would say)!

Let's hear it for Gloria!


Thanks to Gloria Rudolph, we have hope that this professional organization dedicated to advancing the rule of law, might even follow its own (laws) and not screw up the next election. Let's just hope they elect a "professional" lawyer, and not a "trained" one.

Notice from Guam Bar Association:

Pursuant to a Supervisory Order issued on July 17, 2017, the Supreme Court of Guam has ordered that the previous election of GBA Board Members and Officers, the results of which were announced on January 18, 2017, is VOID.

The Supreme Court has further ordered that the Guam Bar Association shall conduct a new election of all GBA Board and Officer positions.  The new election must be concluded before the GBA’s next Annual Meeting which shall be held on Friday, August 25, 2017.  Details regarding the Annual Meeting location and time will be announced soon.

The Supreme Court has determined that the new election does not affect the nomination process and that the prior nominees to each GBA Board and Officer position are still duly nominated.  A copy of the Supreme Court’s Supervisory Order is available on the GBA website.

In light of the Supreme Court’s Supervisory Order, the Guam Bar Association will be mailing out new ballots to all active GBA members within the next few days.  Members should expect to receive their new ballots in the mail sometime next week.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we conduct this new election in compliance with the Supreme Court’s Supervisory Order.

As always, we thank you very much for your participation in the Guam Bar Association.

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Case Files - Supreme Court Case No. WRM17-001:
Petitioner’s Opening Brief, June 20, 2017
Petitioner’s Excerpts of Record, June 20, 2017
Declaration of Jehan’ AD G. Martinez, June 30, 2017
Respondent’s Brief, June 30, 2017
Petitioner’s Reply, July 6, 2017
Supervisory Order, July 17, 2017


  1. In addition to her other good works isn't Jackie Brother Tony's responsible?

  2. Lying and deception...isn't that the Neos' modus operandi? Anything
    for a power grab! Thank you Gloria for speaking out. Ann A.

    1. Yes, we are experiencing first-hand the fruits of the NCW, their modus operandi is that the NCW will do anything (lie, cheat and deceive) to promote the "way". This is the NCW and when you are formed and walk like this, you lose your sense of right and wrong. This is reflected in how they live, that even in their non-church dealings they will do anything to get what they want.

      Lie, cheat and deceive = NCW

  3. Where a Kiko goes her stench is sure to follow!

  4. The Supervisory Order isn't about Jackie Terlaje. The order VOIDS the way the election was condcuted.

    Typical jungle shit of confusion....and that's the stench you smell.

    1. LOL. We're winning! The decision VOIDS the election that elected Jackie Terlaje president. LOL. And even the Guam Bar said it was about Jackie:

      "GBA asserted to the panel the true party in interest in Rudolph's case is attorney Jacqueline Terlaje, Rudolph's opponent in the GBA election and the candidate who received the most votes."