Saturday, August 12, 2017


Opinion: Isn't Apuron innocent until proven guilty?

Well, what do you know. Tricky Dick and I agree on one thing: the attack by SNAP on Fr. Justin Wachs and the carrying of the story by a puerile media is a useless sideshow and a pathetic attempt by SNAP to pretend to still matter and a childish media attempt at a "scoop." 

However, our agreement ends there. Tricky Dick of course is out to champion Apuron's innocence by trying to discredit CCOG president David Sablan because of the investigation into his activities as Ghura board chairperson. 


Well here's the difference. Sablan did not jump on the first plane out of here, go into hiding, and try to change his appearance. No, Tricky Dick. That was your Bro. Tony. 

In fact, Tricky Dick actually does more harm to the Vatican tribunal than SNAP by actually insinuating that SNAP's drivel is capable of derailing the Vatican tribunal. LOL. Really? 

Tricky Dick says that the effort to remove Apuron is motivated by "money and power" and "by those who stand to gain in discoloring or shading the truth."


What do all those people at the village meetings, at the pickets, at the petition signings and public hearings to remove the statute of limitations have to gain? What sort of money and power are they after? Or is it because THEY KNOW SOMETHING!

Those people did not remove Apuron. Those people did not condemn Apuron. 

Apuron removed Apuron. Apuron condemned Apuron. 

Innocent people, especially people as powerful as Apuron DO NOT FLEE. Apuron had all the resources he needed to stand up to his accusers. But he didn't. He fled!

And what about Archbishop Hon, who with the presbyteral council called for Apuron's resignation and even went to Rome to "urge Holy See to remove (him) and appoint a successor?" 

And what about Archbishop Byrnes who recently publicly supported Hon's call for Apuron's removal and labeled Apuron a "DISASTER?"

What sort of money and power are they after? 

Your problem, Tricky Dick, isn't SNAP, or Sablan, or CCOG, or even the picketers in the street. Your problem is your Bro Tony who abandoned you and your little sycophant band of neocats to fight his war for him while he hides behind the skirts of the vice-president of the San Francisco branch of the Bank of Guam and desperately tries to grow a few whiskers. 

And a P.S.

If Apuron is innocent, then why is he trying to get his cases dismissed on a technicality? Why isn't he demanding his day in court so he can look Walter Denton in the eye and say "I never raped you"? We know why. And so do you, Tricky Dick.

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