Saturday, August 12, 2017


Opinion: Isn't Apuron innocent until proven guilty?

Well, what do you know. Tricky Dick and I agree on one thing: the attack by SNAP on Fr. Justin Wachs and the carrying of the story by a puerile media is a useless sideshow and a pathetic attempt by SNAP to pretend to still matter and a childish media attempt at a "scoop." 

However, our agreement ends there. Tricky Dick of course is out to champion Apuron's innocence by trying to discredit CCOG president David Sablan because of the investigation into his activities as Ghura board chairperson. 


Well here's the difference. Sablan did not jump on the first plane out of here, go into hiding, and try to change his appearance. No, Tricky Dick. That was your Bro. Tony. 

In fact, Tricky Dick actually does more harm to the Vatican tribunal than SNAP by actually insinuating that SNAP's drivel is capable of derailing the Vatican tribunal. LOL. Really? 

Tricky Dick says that the effort to remove Apuron is motivated by "money and power" and "by those who stand to gain in discoloring or shading the truth."


What do all those people at the village meetings, at the pickets, at the petition signings and public hearings to remove the statute of limitations have to gain? What sort of money and power are they after? Or is it because THEY KNOW SOMETHING!

Those people did not remove Apuron. Those people did not condemn Apuron. 

Apuron removed Apuron. Apuron condemned Apuron. 

Innocent people, especially people as powerful as Apuron DO NOT FLEE. Apuron had all the resources he needed to stand up to his accusers. But he didn't. He fled!

And what about Archbishop Hon, who with the presbyteral council called for Apuron's resignation and even went to Rome to "urge Holy See to remove (him) and appoint a successor?" 

And what about Archbishop Byrnes who recently publicly supported Hon's call for Apuron's removal and labeled Apuron a "DISASTER?"

What sort of money and power are they after? 

Your problem, Tricky Dick, isn't SNAP, or Sablan, or CCOG, or even the picketers in the street. Your problem is your Bro Tony who abandoned you and your little sycophant band of neocats to fight his war for him while he hides behind the skirts of the vice-president of the San Francisco branch of the Bank of Guam and desperately tries to grow a few whiskers. 

And a P.S.

If Apuron is innocent, then why is he trying to get his cases dismissed on a technicality? Why isn't he demanding his day in court so he can look Walter Denton in the eye and say "I never raped you"? We know why. And so do you, Tricky Dick.


  1. Tricky Dick and his merry band of neodicks. This is what happens when neodicks try desperately to explain WHY their brother tony RAN. And BTW, the difference in Australia is that the cardinal who is being accused, didn't run. In fact, he flew back to Australia. Would brother tony ever voluntarily fly back home? Or will his new excuse be that he can't cause the 4 mistakes from brother Kim Jun Un might hit Guam. What a coward.

  2. The Joker is back.

    1. The Joker is back? Did the Joker finish up? With honors?

    2. Let's see the accountability of his schooling and traveling expenses is paid by the archdiocese. He wasn't even close to being balingvictoria at FD, must have graduated maggot cumlouder in Canada.

    3. The Joke could not have graduated anywhere. I heard he was not allowed to finish at theology school so he was sent to liberal Berkeley Institute of Theology as finishing school. He got his Masters in Chinese Buffet instead, maybe in Canada he specialized in Maple Syrup Mastery to hone his sweet-talking ability in bilking more money from the Archdiocese to his neo-bros, in lying about his questionable activities, and in bringing more deranged cults to Guam. Hallelujah! Not!

  3. Tricky Dick does not know what he is saying. Fr. Wachs was cleared of a "sexual harassment" charge by a woman, who worked for the diocese. There was an investigation and nothing was found. Apuron can't be charged because of the criminal statute of limitations on child sex abuse. So, why would he be concerned about the civil lawsuits, if he is innocent? He should tell his congregation his side of the story rather than just call his accusers liars -- and then run to Rome to ask Pope Francis and his Kiko friends in the Vatican to please help me because my sheep are after me! Boo-hoo-hoo! Apuron is a narcissist and a coward. That is all I can say.

  4. Oops, Tricky Dicky, as president of the this organization, do you have bylaws and are you registered with Rev and Tax?

    1. "I believe its somewhere, and I just have to find it. Maybe my neo-community will help me drag it out of my behind. Get the black trash bag ready, it will be messy."

  5. Bring his ass back to Guam so we may fry it...

    1. Not edible though. Yech! Think flabby.

  6. The Daffy Quack is really an amazing piece of work. How a surgeon could practice his profession while totally blind is truly scary.

    In his letter to the PDN, the good Quack makes the following statement to scorn those who have spoken out: "Over the last year, we have watched in pain as acrimony and tension, primarily over money and power … have divided the Church that has nurtured our faith here in Guam."

    I guess the FACS after his name stands for "Facts Are Clearly $hi+". To smear the works of many, the Quack trys to make us believe all this acrimony and tension was caused by the Jungle Nation. What the Quack fails to understand, is that the Jungle Nation is a reaction to the decades of acrimony and tension the NCW kikos have rained down on our once peaceful island Church.

    Wasn't it about 8-9 years ago that the clergy were so fed up about the huge divide among the haves and have nots that they paid out of their own pockets for a group to come to Guam from Georgetown to try and solve the chasm between real priests and the neo-presbyters.

    But, to his benefit, Quack Eusebio, MD, Facts Are Clearly $hi+, has one thing right. The past year has been filled with horrendous stories about rampant sex abuse in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and these stories have brought tension. But maybe the good quack should investigate this illness a little further before operating with his rusty machete.

    How could a bishop rule a diocese for over 30 years and not have taken even one little step to help heal the many victims suffering for all those years. He clearly knew about some of the cases, but he also clearly chose to do nothing. Is it because other criminals knew of the bishops past savagery and sickness? Could it be that Apuron's affiliation with the kikos is the source of our problems?

    So Quack Eusebio, I hope you can agree with me that the acrimony and tensions did not start in the past year. Instead, they strecth back decades, to about the mid-90s. Oh, and BTW, isn't that when Apurun/Quitugua/Cristobal all sold their souls to the KIKO?

    Perhaps you should retire you scalpel and try laser surgery for eye sight. You might be able to at least see the true problem more clearly.