Friday, August 11, 2017


Posted by Tim

LOL. As we used to say in East LA: "Pobrecito!" Poor thing!

Some news for you: I'm not blaming Casteix for anything other than her trying to destroy everything we have worked for: 1) the removal of Apuron, 2) compensating and truly helping ALL victims. And I've already explained how Casteix and SNAP are undermining that effort, and in such a persistent way we have to believe that Casteix and SNAP  are actually in cahoots with Apuron

Because if Casteix and SNAP get their way Apuron will remain Archbishop of Agana and hundreds of sex abuse victims will die in their silence.

So we're supposed to care that because she had alcoholic parents that that somehow gives her the right to meddle in our affairs?!

That reminds me of the story Earl Nightingale often told: Two brothers. Twins in fact. An abusive, alcoholic father. One became an abusive alcoholic just like his father. The other never touched the stuff. Interviewed in adulthood as to why they ended up like they did, both had the same answer: "What would you expect with a father like mine?"

Think about it, turkey. 

BTW, I know who asked her to come here in 2010. It was the same guy who has been crying wolf for years and has yet to do a damn thing even after the statute of limitations was lifted. 

Casteix and SNAP didn't care to do the hard work that I did for four years. And I wouldn't have expected them too. It's much easier for them to do newletters, host conferences of talking heads, and accept fat donations from the law firms they feed. 

No. We took care of our own business, and we did it with a persistence and an unequivocal vengeance that we will wreak on her and SNAP the more they stick their silly, stupid heads into our business and try to ruin everything we have worked for.

As for my abuser, that's where you got it wrong. I didn't stick around long enough to let myself be abused. I smelled it and extricated myself, pronto! (that's a little more East LA lingo for you - LOL). And sue? Crap, this was back in the 70's when you couldn't do $%^& about this stuff.

But even if I could, I wouldn't have. Because who paid Castiex's 1.6 million? The bishop? The priests?" The guy who freaking knocked her up? Hell No! It was the people, the lay people, the regular people, the people of that diocese with children to feed who paid for her f-ing "super cushy Newport Beach" pad.

And as for Guam being a "jungle dump.....


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