Saturday, August 12, 2017


Back in 2015, Apuron defenders were trying to position him as a victim of the "gay lobby." The story was that he was being persecuted by the "gay lobby" for his public opposition to a same-sex union bill first introduced in 2009. 

Apuron's defenders sent their story to the well known ultra-conservative ChurchMilitant ran with the story and made Apuron out to be a hero. 

I was a follower and even a contributor to the site at the time and was very aware of why ChurchMilitant would want to make a Catholic bishop a hero in its war on the "gay lobby" - which was pretty much a daily news item for them. 

Of course, I saw what Apuron's defenders were trying to do and attempted to discredit it in the comments on the ChurchMilitant story. 

I was very aware of the fact that Apuron had NEVER written a word of his own against the same-sex union bill. All of it was written, word for word, by Fr. Francis Walsh (pictured), a professor at RMS, and of course a neocat. I know this because Walsh used to send me drafts of what he wrote for Apuron back in 2009 and 2010 when I was the one on the front lines in the media opposing the bill. 

In 2015, when Guam legalized same-sex marriage (or the court did, anyway), Walsh wrote a statement for Apuron that anyone who knows Apuron knows that he is incapable of writing. 

Walsh's article, alleging that the "imposition of a totalitarian system" was behind the push for same-sex marriage (classic Walsh, by the way) was distributed to the media and of course it made Apuron look like he was an intellectual and moral warrior (LOL). 

Walsh did this of course, because by 2015, Apuron was badly in need of propping up, and the narrative that he was being harassed by the "gay lobby" was an easy one to sell. It's laughable of course because at the time Apuron was pretty much only being harassed by me, and I had been the only really visible public resistance to the bill. So of course it was a lie. 

An even bigger lie was putting Apuron's name on a statement when he probably was incapable of even spelling "totalitarian." So I confronted Walsh on this. And here's how it went:

The conversation ended there.

While Pius the Putrid's role in the neocat takeover or this diocese is well-known, Walsh's isn't. But he has always been the "brains" behind it and the person whom Apuron relied on when he stated that there was a document "somewhere" permitting the neocat's illicit distribution of communion. 

Meanwhile, back to ChurchMilitant. I, of course, tried to correct the record about the real Apuron in the comments on the story. I was heavily attacked by the unthinking neo-con Catholics on that site (different than neocats). 

I had one particular exchange with a "Carol Ann," which after my first reply, ChurchMilitant apparently blocked me so I resorted to answering her on this blog, which you can read here

Soon after my comments on the story, ChurchMilitant disallowed any future comments to the story. So I decided to address the author of the story on my blog: 

Read the full post here

Of course, it wasn't long before the truth about Apuron began pouring out and even found its way to ChurchMilitant. So I decided to see what they did with that 2015 news item making Apuron a hero which I had labored so hard to discredit...and was ignored. 

A search of the ChurchMilitant site did not turn it up, only the more recent news items about Apuron's current dilemma: accused of sex abuse and removed by the pope, etc. However, I found the ChurchMilitant article on another site:

 (And I made a copy of it in case the site removes the article.)

At the end of the article, there is this:

However, when you click on the link, you get this:

Go ahead. See for yourself. To my knowledge the story in ChurchMilitant only disappeared and was never recanted.


  1. ChurchMilitant knows your a big fat liar.

    1. Yes. I'm the best liar of all time. Got the pope to believe me, two archbishops to believe me, David Lujan to believe me, USA Today to believe me, even Apuron believes me. That's why he RAN.

  2. Church Militant and its adherents have bad reputations. CM is a self-serving, crank outfit like The Wanderer and The Remnant newspapers. They're also notorious for publishing boldface lies they won't recant. Solid conservative Pastors here won't allow either one of those rags to be sold or promoted at their churches.

    They spawned a chain of copycat newspapers and newsletters statewide in the 1980's. All of that fishwrap went under long ago and the cowardly publishers vanished. With circulation based on stolen parish mailing lists, their garbage was sent all over the place free and unsolicited. Requests to be removed from their mailing lists went unheeded, so they falsely claimed to have massive readership. Like many other people, copies I received went straight into the trash unread.

    Known for their overt racism and general lack of Christian charity, the wealthy, insular cranks who backed those hated publications never had mainstream support and all of them continue to self-destruct. Locally, they're down to around 400 old people and a dysfunctional cleric at an outcast church the chancery no longer bankrolls.

    1. Actually the people who I know who are most interested in these "rags" are all rather young.