Tuesday, October 24, 2017


"...the Neo Catechumenal Way IS Vatican II truly implemented."
"Julio Cesar" from Brooklyn, New York

We've always suspected that members of the Way are taught that their movement is not a mere fruit of the Second Vatican Council, but rather is the implementation of it. Julio's comment bolsters my belief.

There certainly is a need for post-baptismal catechesis in the Church today, that is, a catechesis for adults that promotes conversion and “metanoia”, the ongoing change of heart experienced by a true disciple of Jesus Christ. Indeed, this was called for by the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council . Call this catechesis a “post-baptismal catechumenate” if you wish. 

But nowhere do the Council Fathers suggest that this post-baptismal catechesis should result in closed, self-absorbed communities that parasitically suck the life out of parishes.

Nowhere do they suggest that this post-baptismal catechesis should be an end in itself.

Nowhere do they suggest that it center on an unhealthy cult of personality around its 20th century founder.

Nowhere do the Council Fathers say that this effort should place an exaggerated emphasis upon the reality of “persecution”.

Nowhere do they say that doctrinal teachings should be deformed in this catechesis.

And nowhere do the Council Fathers suggest that this post-baptismal catechesis should be led by an authoritative hierarchy of catechists that are appointed independently of and act independently of the bishops and parishes that they are supposed to serve.


  1. Glad to be back in Holy Mother ChurchOctober 25, 2017 at 1:48 PM

    I smell a rat, with a fuzzy beard:

    "...the Neo Catechumenal Way IS Vatican II truly implemented." Hmm. That sounds a lot like the mad rantings of our Julio Cesar...Fr Julio Cesar Sanchez Malagon, the current rector of RMS Yona. But you are absolutely right that Vatican II went far beyond the limited scope of what the NCW "attempts" to accomplish.

    What is interesting was a radio rebroadcast just today on KOLG, before logging into to the Jungle. It was a talk given by Archbishop Fulton Sheen back in the early 1960s. And I immediately thought about the kiko nut teachings.

    Kiko and his band of merry catechists are fond of teaching the unworthiness of mankind. We are dirt, we will always be dirt, and there is nothing we can do to change our dirty nature. That's why the kiko cult followers are so proud to talk about their faults publicly, as if it were a badge of honor to be so bad. One of their favorite teachings about how terrible we are is when the catechists teach that man (all mankind) is "zero plus sin". But this is really a Lutheran teaching, and certainly not a Catholic teaching.

    The Catholic view of man is that we are made in the image and likeness of God and this bestows on us great value and dignity. While we are certainly damaged by original sin, and therefore have a tendency to actual sin, we remain essentially good.

    And that Catholic thinking is exactly what Archbishop Fulton Sheen shared with us on KOLG this morning. He was talking about the dignity of man, and he used an example that the kiko will hate. He said:
    "An apple does not start off corrupted. An apple that comes from the tree is good, and then some apples become rotten. But they did not start that way."

    We have all heard how the kikos love to refer to the good fruit produced by the NCW. But they are wrong. Kiko did not produce good fruit, GOD PRODUCES GOOD FRUIT! If not nurtured properly the good fruit can become bad fruit. From the kiko perspective, only the NCW can make bad fruit good.

    But from a Catholic perspective, man starts of good, and some go bad due to lack of proper nurturing and care - spiritual nourishment to protect us. Then, when man goes bad, it is God who heals our wounded nature and restores us to good again. There are many ways God uses to restore us. And while I hate to admit it, the NCW is one possible way, but not the only Way as they teach. There are a ton of other ways God uses to cleanse us of our fallen status.

    What most of us see, is that at first, many who join the "Way" are helped. But then they sink into a helpless spiral from their catechist that it is only through the NCW that they are saved. They completely toss out the grace of God. Members become so obsessed that they become like the scribes and pharisees the gospel readings have spoken about lately. The kiko nuts place themselves above mere Jews, thinking they are holier than thou.

    It happened 2,000 years ago with the cult of Jewish hierarchy, and it is happening now with the cult of NCW (Jewish wanna-bes) members. Jesus in the gospels tries to bring them back down to reality, to re-focus on the grace of God. Let us hope that the Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis, also tries to bring the NCW members back to the grace that belongs to God, which He shares with us.

    Although apples start good, and can become rotten, when they become rotten they stay rotten. Man, on the other hand, starts good, can become rotten, but by the grace of God can be restored back to good.

    Thank you Archbishop Fulton Sheen on your lesson about the goodness and dignity of man, and the grace of God!

  2. Wow. Thank you Glad for sharing this. I feel the same way but find it difficult to express in words. I like the analogy of Abp Sheen. How often does KOLG play these messages? I am sure it is not enough. Hope they can publish a schedule so I can hear.

  3. Vatican II has its faults, but Kiko-style atheism isn't one of them. If anything, V2 totally nullifies the heathen NCW.

  4. Their obnoxiousness and lack of resolve to amend IS a badge of honour and their get-out clause.

    It doesn't take 27 years to "initiate" Catholics.

    Real gifts are far more varied than the so called "charisms" the NCW exploits.

    It sucks the life out of previous Catholics that had one, or goes a considerable way toward doing so, and destroys any that didn't or all but.

    A potted version of my very close up observations over a very long period.