Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Posted today to a post made more than a year ago: THE DEEP EVIL OF KIKO ARGUELLO

Anonymous October 25, 2017 at 9:27 AM

It’s true the church isn’t dying and that’s because of the way! At World youth days and meeting they will have calling, if anyone feels the calling into the priest hood or the Sister hood. Where is the evil in that what money are they asking for. Also this leads you to Kiko get out of here! I’m in the way and not once have I even met Kiko so stop. What the promblem with you all (hardheaded) is that you can’t take correction, if they tell you “your living your life in a selfish way” everything becomes bad in the way check if it’s not you before attacking the way I never hear anything about other groups in the church.


  1. Poor pathetic Anon @ 9:27. You are posting a comment to a post from February 2016. You've had 20 months to develop a cogent thought and this is the best you were able to come up with? Sad. Or maybe you just came out of the KAKA induced coma after drinking too much of the punch. Either way, you have show the world you are an idiot.

    "...the church isn't dying and that's because of the way!" Typical kiko. Give all credit and glory to kiko our hero.

    But Catholics know the Church can never die because Jesus Himself promised this (even before Kiko was born). But go ahead and tell the world that NCW saved the Church. Nobody cares about your opinion.

    Drink more KAKA and get back into that self-induced coma for another 20 months. But I must warn you, next time you wake up there will be no more NCW on Guam. And once Guam falls, the whole Kiko world will start to collapse.

  2. "The Way is the fulfillment of Vatican II"
    "Kiko Arguello saved the Church"
    "The NCW saved my life"
    "The NCW saved my marriage"

    Wow. The NCW sure has a grand opinion about themselves. And it shows in their stinkin' attitude toward other, lowly, "non-NCW" Catholics.

    Well, the non-NCW world is sick of their superiority complex. We suggest they look at the gospel readings these past few weeks, because our Lord was also sick of the superior attitude of the elders and priests back then. But soon the NCW will be gone.

    Until then, the kiko maniacs would be wise to remember:
    The NCW did not save anything.
    GOD SAVES EVERYTHING! Give credit where credit is due Kikos.

  3. Anon Poster says: "... I never hear anything about other groups in the church".

    Dear Anon at 9:27 - let me tell you why this is. All the other groups in the Church do excellent work in bringing people closer to God. Good words don't need to be broadcast or publicized. Happy Catholics spread the Good News by Word of mouth, too.

    But we hear a lot about the NCW. Could it be because by blaring the music loud, they can hide the imperfections of the composer? It was certainly the case with the Legion of Christ and Fr Marcial Maciel. Oh how the Pope's showered them with self appointed attention. The Legion was a great promoter of self worth.

    But eventually, when people looked beyond the blaring music, they saw a dark underworld that couldn't be ignored any longer. And so it is with the NCW. Kiko is a great promoter of self and NCW. He even promoted Carmen to Saint of a superior nature! Lot's of noise is also created because people are talking about the division that is caused by this one group, the NCW.

    On the local level, you don't hear a lot of chatter from the other groups because they allow their actions to speak for themselves. From the NCW, you hear a lot of self-proclaimed chatter as a way to hide the dark under belly.

    But soon the noise will subside. Just like the loud Legion of Christ, the NCW will be taken out by the Church and we can go back to the humble people God wants us to be.

    1. The controversial Legionaries of Christ are worth billions. That's why satanic Maciel received preferential treatment from JP2 and B16. He paid the Vatican a fortune for his massive Pontifical assets. Mainland priests laughingly refer to the generally disliked, snooty LC's as the Billionaires of Christ. They don't associate with mainstream Catholics or poor people. Allegedly, one of their main benefactors is Mexican telecommunications mogul Carlos Slim, sometimes described as the world's wealthiest man.

      In the US, all of the LC's rigid, old-fashioned schools closed due to low enrollment, plus Maciel's homosexual pedophile misconduct and illegal drug addictions. Their seminary enrollment has dwindled significantly. Reportedly, they intentionally defaulted on mortgages for the closed school properties nationwide.

      Someone put my name on their mailing list. They used to send requests for seminary donations which I never made. When they asked for $275.00 cassocks for each of their junior/high school-age seminarians years ago, I told them to take a hike. Hard-working priests are going threadbare. Instead, we gave a former Pastor money for extra-big and tall size black clerical shirts he couldn't afford. No way I'm spending that kind of money on a bunch of prissy teenage boys who will probably never be Ordained.

      The elitist Order is still embroiled in an East Coast legal battle with the family of of an elderly multi-millionairess who left her entire fortune to the LC's. Her cheated family claims that the Legion obtained their windfall by fraud and intimidation. No one doubts that because that's how those pretty boys roll. They tend to be recruited from very wealthy families.

  4. "What the promblem with you all (hardheaded) is that you can’t take correction". So we're supposed to take correction from a neo presbyter who says Christ was a sinner? Give me a break! You kiko nuts are Way too much!

  5. Attitude, attitude, attitude. It gives the kikos away every time.

    But look at our churches and parishes. Most of our parishes do not have communities in them, and there are no problems of division in these parishes that I have ever heard of.

    But in any parish where the NCW has made communities, we hear about countless problems. With presbyters, with community members taking over, with no payment for use of facilities.

    Non-NCW parishes - no problems
    NCW parishes - plenty problems

    Is the Jungle nation the only ones seeing a pattern here?

    1. In one of the few parishes in this diocese with a Neo community, the rotten Charismatic Pastor allows non-Catholics to be altar servers.

      Parishoners in that large old church used to be mainly devout Irish families, but now it's nearly all insular Filipino and Chinese. The lame bishop lets them get away with whatever they want.

    2. Perhaps it is important to remember that Christ prayed for the Church to be one. He also tells us that if we are not gathering for the Lord, we are dividing.

    3. Today's Gospel:

      Gospel LK 12:49-53

      Jesus said to his disciples:
      "I have come to set the earth on fire,
      and how I wish it were already blazing!
      There is a baptism with which I must be baptized,
      and how great is my anguish until it is accomplished!
      Do you think that I have come to establish peace on the earth?
      No, I tell you, but rather division.
      From now on a household of five will be divided,
      three against two and two against three;
      a father will be divided against his son
      and a son against his father,
      a mother against her daughter
      and a daughter against her mother,
      a mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law
      and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law."

    4. Bingo, Tim.

      The thought of non-Catholics being allowed to handle Communion vessels and the Sacred Species makes me sick. It makes all of our rigorous pre-v2 Sacrament prep training look worthless. There were 6 to 9 consecutive months of it prior to First Communion in 3rd grade, taught by nuns and priests.

      I've done Sacristan duty in highly observant churches. Non-Catholics were never allowed in the Sanctuary and
      rules for handling anything that had touched consecrated items were very strict.

  6. Glad to be back in Holy Mother ChurchOctober 25, 2017 at 6:44 PM

    Oh foolish kikos! You hypocrites (actors)! Anon says "At World youth days and meeting they will have calling, if anyone feels the calling into the priest hood or the Sister hood. Where is the evil in that". Nothing evil, but that is not true discernment. It is indentured servitude in many cases.

    Kiko says: "You hate the slums? I will show you a way out. Come follow me, and I will make you thieves fo men's souls."

    True discernment is when after a call you meet with a vocation minister and talk and pray and think.

    But kiko discernment is based on momentary emotion and a promise of a better life. I was almost one of those who answer a kiko altar call, but I never had a true calling, just an emotional high. But if I answered the call in Denver WYD I would be a priest today, a fake priest. Because I didn't have a true call. But I would be trapped. Then the only thing I could look for would be honor and privilege. That is all that could remove my misery in a vocation I wasn't called to.

    I wonder how many men would answer kiko's call if he said: "Come out of your rich life and give up your privilege, and I promise you a harder life." That's the kind of priest I want. One like St Francis who gave up a fabulous life to live a simple life. I want a priest Pope Francis called: "I want a shepherd who smells like his sheep."

    I don't want a brazilian gangsta who talks about orange juice and boys sucking girls dry, and lives the high life in Europe and America. And Fr OJ was saying that while making an altar call in Guam at a youth gathering. Lots of men and women signed up. Thankfully, none of them answered a fake calling, and realized the deception before committing their lives to it.

    That's not a calling, it's an escape. Priests should not be escapees! Priests should be holy men of God, and I don't see many of those coming out of Yona.

    1. I conducted an experiment at Denver. I checked with God about my calling. The answer was: "Christian layman" (apologies to people here who don't like the word "Christian", it means something different in the UK). I was told by "community" members there is no such calling as "layman".

  7. Lots of Guam girls on line too. Diana says they can be assigned to a monastery. Huh? Assigned? What does that mean? Then she states Guam girls accepted in NJ monastery. This is all wrong. The famous altar calls. Hopeless.


  8. DianaOctober 27, 2017 at 1:58 PM
    Dear Zoltan,

    I do not know if you have been keeping up with current events. I agree that The NCW should be obedient to Archbishop Byrnes because he is the Coadjutor Archbishop of Agana. The NCW has been obedient when he instructed us to celebrate the Mass in the church.

    However, Anonymous 1:39 pm is correct. Archbishop Byrnes is afraid to go against the mafia of this island. He fears persecution. The Archdiocese is not controlled by the Archbishop. It is controlled by CCOG.

    ZoltanOctober 27, 2017 at 3:43 PM
    Dear Diana, I am truly trying to catch up with happenings that I read about in the news and in your blog. Regarding archbishop Byrnes' directives I think it is right to celebrate the Mass in the church building. It is a beautiful building that was designed and built to convey the beauty of our Lord and the beauty our faith in Him. We belong to the church as we belong to the parish. If the parish is dead, as someone told us at your blog, then we are also dead, because we are part of the parish.

    We should vilify neither our fellow parishioners not the legitimate leadership of our Catholic life on the island. What is more, it is not enough to be obedient, we also have to be cheerful that our local Pastor cares about us and our well-being as Catholics. He is the appointed leader of our archdiocese bringing to us and representing the spirit of the Lord Jesus through ecclesial, administrative and pastoral efforts. We should comply with his instructions without effort and without resistance. The circumstances are extremely challenging, even dangerous, but he keeps 100% control in church matters, as far as I can see. He is the sole authority in local decisions.

    You mention some "mafia". I have never heard about any Catholic mafia operating on the island. Typically, mafia is in Italy where the NCW is flourishing. Who is exactly the mafia on Guam? I only see a handful jungle believers who try to wreak havoc. But they are no mafia in context of power, method and influence. They are in no position to persecute the Archbishop. How could they be? Archbishop Byrnes is not afraid of them. Why would he be?

    When CCoG members tried to press Archbishop Hon, he shrugged them off. He demonstrated that no Archbishop has to fear from ad hoc pressure groups with a vicious anti-church agenda. Unfortunately, Archbishop Hon missed the opportunity to fight the CCoG's "predator bill" on time, even though it was already very clear what Rohr and Klitzkie wanted to do: created a predator mentality and a predator weapon against their own church!

    In this omission Archbishop Hon was on the same page as NCW leadership. I was the only person who stood up against the bill at the public hearing. The situation of the Catholic Church would be different right now if this bill could have been modified and tailored by simple reason in August 2016.

    ZoltanOctober 27, 2017 at 3:51 PM
    Dear anon, Archbishop Byrnes is a well respected Catholic archbishop and an exemplary Christian leader on island. Please, bring up your facts, if you have any, to prove to the contrary. Otherwise your tirades are meaningless. What facts speak louder than words for you? Nobody is preventing you from talking up against in-vitro fertilization. Who would do that? I don't see your point. How is your frustration about IVF related to the Archbishop?

    DianaOctober 27, 2017 at 4:05 PM
    Dear Zoltan,

    I never said that it was wrong to celebrate in the church building. The building is not the same as the people. The Church is the people. It is an assembly of people. The building can be destroyed, but the Church cannot be destroyed.

    Zoltan, from what I see, Archbishop Byrnes follows CCOG rather than God. CCOG told Archbishop Byrnes to get rid of Monsignor David. He called Monsignor David to resign in light of the current circumstances. Monsignor David resigned. So, we have a Bishop who would rather sacrifice his own priest to CCOG than stand together with him in the persecution.

    1. Diana (4.05 PM) has a "funny" way of defining "God"!

  9. Well, if David the Lurch resigned because the CCOG demanded it, then I am a huge fan of CCOG!

    1. What did Lurch do with the $800,000 missing from Cathedral coffers? Byrnes should hold him fully accountable for that because it was stolen from the Faithful.

  10. From what information I have, the few, small, newer "communities" that are struggling to start up in the UK nowhere near make up for the major shrinkage in older ones. If the "way" is at the service of those bishops who reputedly are keen on it, those bishops aren't trying hard enough to make it work.

    Meantime church attendance in the UK has taken a dramatic and big nosedive altogether in spite of lots of extra South Indians and others coming into the country.

    Some of the neo members I knew took the mickey out of Kiko and the itinerants. We did ask one of our "responsibles" for a better standard of breakdown of the money side but he wouldn't tell us.

    As for reputed callings to various forms of priest, presbyter, or whatever, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating one day. I saw a decent man swallowed up in that. I don't know if he's less decent, yet - we don't hear from him any more.

    9.27 A.M, it surely can't be God's "good news for your life" to maintain an exaggerated esteem for, essentially, usurped authority.