Wednesday, May 3, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Geez. This is getting dangerous. 

A couple days ago I agreed with Atty. Vanessa Williams and now I have to agree with (next to the governor) the most virulent proponent of abortion in Guam, if not in the whole history of Guam, the Director of the Bureau of Women's Affairs, Jayne Flores. 

I mean, seriously, Jayne even went so far as get us to sue us. SeeTHE TELL-TALE TIMELINE & THE WIZARD BEHIND THE CURTAIN

But Jayne is right, at least in this:

"She adds the bill is unnecessary as abortion is legal under Guam law." - KUAM, May 1, 2023

She's absolutely right. Abortion is presently completely legal in Guam save for a few legal limitations that nobody enforces anyway: a partial-birth abortion ban, parental consent for minors, informed consent for women seeking to abort, and a reporting requirement.

So "nobody needed to do nothin'." So what's up with Fisher (and Barnes)?

In his defense, and probably not expecting to be attacked by "people with uteruses," especially the most virulent, aggressive, and public proponents of abortion in Guam (Vanessa and Jayne), the same KUAM story reports:

"But Fisher said the statute only provides for a limited right to abortion, arguing that his bill is essential."

Let's back up a bit. 

First, the whole ACLU lawsuit thing with the two doctors in Hawaii recruited by Jayne to sue us would be moot if we could just get one of the already very vocal pro-abort docs here in Guam to actually do the thing. 

The real story is not only that they (local pro-abort docs) won't do the thing, but WHY they won't do the thing. And no one seems to want to pursue the obvious. 

Fisher and his fellow pro-aborts argue that abortion is healthcare and that abortion is an essential service. However, abortion is already fully legal here - save for the few regulations already mentioned and which are never enforced anyway - so the real question is WHO is denying these poor women their "essential" healthcare services?

Fisher and his pro-abort cronies want us to believe that the villains (and the reason we need the Fisher-Barnes legislation) are a couple of old ladies with rosaries who stand on a sidewalk for a whole sixty minutes every weekend or so.


Fisher isn't alone. Dr. Ellen Bez and a few other pro-abort physicians, while publicly advocating for a woman's right to kill her child, have continually hidden their unwillingness to actually kill the child behind the laughable pretense of some sort of local anti-abortion stigma, i.e. "the Catholic Church." (References to Bez in this blog: here, here, and here.)

Okay, not all are ladies and not all are old. But Fisher et. al need said rosary-wielding "old ladies" as weaponized straw-women because they don't want to get to the bottom of the thing which is this: no one in Guam with an M.D. after his or her name wants to cut up little children and throw their body parts into waste buckets - like Drs. Freeman and Griley were happy to do for many years...and for a fee of course.

I specifically note Freeman and Griley, because for the better part of the last 30 years, and up until 2018, they were the only "doctors" who openly advertised for and engaged in that bloody business. And now that both have closed up shop, the local pro-abort docs and their political bedmates need someone and something else to hide behind. So it's old ladies with rosaries. 


Cowards. Get out there and kill those babies, even if most of them are CHamoru's. Jayne will help. 


Note: It wasn't "old ladies." And it still isn't.

Anti-Baby-Killer-Protestors stand outside Dr. Griley's abortion clinic in Tamuning in 2012. Six years later there would be no abortions in Guam...until LLG and Jayne. 


  1. Tim, when I was really-reading the current proposed Bil 106-37 I believe I understand it to say that the name of the doctor doing the abortion is not going to be a requirement anymore. So, the pro abort doctors can now freely do abortions and no one will know

  2. You are correct. Fisher's CHamoru self-extinction bill eliminates the reporting requirement to identify "health care providers who provide abortion services, or facilities in which abortion services are provided." So if it's just health care then what's to hide?