Wednesday, May 3, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Partial-Birth Abortion
Somewhere soon after Ray initiated his interview with Senator Tom Fisher this past Monday on the Ray Gibson show (about 1:49:00), Fisher brought up "Tim Rohr" and "JungleWatch." 

Ray immediately chimed in, saying that he knew me well and that I was "pro-life," or something like that. 

Thanks Ray. Yah. I am. But not really. And I want to qualify that. So thanks for the opportunity. 

I'm not "pro-life." 

Anti-war and anti-death penalty lib types are "pro-life." 

My position is that I just don't like bad guys, especially bad guys who hurt the innocent and helpless, be they puppies, full-grown dogs, three-year old children, helpless old people, Polish dissidents, or Anne Frank. 

In fact, I hate that lobsters and crabs, still living, are chopped up and cooked and burned to death on Teppanyaki grills while their eaters drool. 

F that. 

And I hate that "we" are okay with "children, still living, being chopped up and cooked" (see abortion by saline) and under such a name as Sens. Fisher and Barnes' HEALTH PROTECTION ACT OF 2023 - an f-ing euphemism only approximated by the Nazi's employment  of the "Final Solution."

Yah. F - Final Solution - that.

Your Friend, Tim

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