Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Koror-Babeldaob Bridge collapsed, Sep. 26, 1996
I have a moment so I wanted to get back to this:
AnonymousSeptember 21, 2014 at 8:40 AM 
Tim your not building bridges but evidently you are burning bridges. Nuncio suggested this but your the cause of this. I really hope you don't receive the sacraments seriously.

As I noted in the original post of this comment, I believe this is from Fr. Adrian. Here's why.

  • Many who know him recognize his persistent misuse of "your" versus "you're". 
  • Only the clergy were in the meeting at which the Nuncio said to build bridges. The rest of us weren't invited.
  • The threat about my receiving the sacraments is something a neo-priest would say.

But beyond the identity of the commenter, let's deal with this "building bridges" stuff because it has been used several times against me.

  • I was not at the meeting, so the directive to "build bridges" was NOT directed at me.
  • In fact, it was not directed at any lay person since only clergy were at the meeting.
  • The directive to "build bridges" was directed at the rift between Archbishop Apuron and the non-neo clergy and the rift between the non-neo clergy and the neo clergy. 
  • The directive was SOLELY directed at the clergy because this was SOLELY a meeting with the clergy. None of us were invited. 
  • The above noted rifts had not only been long identified, they have continued to worsen over the years. 
  • We know this because of the Georgetown CARA report in 2010 where the problems were assiduously studied and a course of corrective action was outlined.
  • We also know from the recording of the meeting that the corrective action outlined in 2010 was NEVER taken.  At the July 14 meeting with the Nuncio, Deacon Bill Hagen said that the "action plan" (CARA report) sits on the shelf."
  • Why was the action plan NEVER acted upon? Because Archbishop Apuron had no desire to act on it. He had NO desire to build bridges, mend fences, rebuild relationships, or fix things in general. There can be no other explanation since he is the all-powerful one in this Archdiocese. Only he can make it happen. And only he can keep it from happening. 
  • And why does he NOT want to do this? Why does the Archbishop not only NOT begin the building of bridges but seems intent on blowing up what few bridges are left? 

Yet, Fr. Adrian and the Kiko's want to blame a little layman with a blog. How sad is that?

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