Monday, September 21, 2015


Starting at about 12:40

MAE: My only fear is if I divulge this would he (Apuron) hire an attorney here to shut me up?

PATTI: I don’t know. What do you gotta say?

MAE: My father, Enrique Reyes, God rest his soul, had been an altar server until his dying day at 80 some years old. He still wanted to get up and serve Mass. 

My father worked with the bishop (Apuron) who was the priest at that time assigned to Agat (1970's)

So I knew that my father knew something. He worked very closely with the bishop as a priest. He knew something but he never told us, just like the war thing, they never told us these things. So before he died my father mentioned something about not having this bishop come to serve Mass for his funeral. 

So four months ago a gentleman came from off island and I happened to sit down at table for lunch with his mother and some other people in my family. I sat down at table and I don’t know what brought up the conversation that this man when he was a boy also was molested by Bishop Apuron  - a priest at that time

And I was sitting across this gentleman and I looked at him and you should see pain in his eyes. I looked at him - and then the mother - when we brought up that issue that he was molested, the mother slapped the table, the dining table and said, “And that is why my son left the island! 

The conversation continued.

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