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In light of today's announcement by Archbishop Michael Byrnes that the former priest, Adrian Cristobal, has been laicized, I decided to search my files and came up with a few things. Here's one. A timeline of things re Cristobal from 2013 to 2016. More things will be coming, so keep on an eye on JW.


July 22, 2013. 

Adrian Cristobal sends a statement to the Media 1) claiming that Apuron had spoken with Fr. Paul Gofigan about his alleged infraction when in fact the only meeting about the alleged infraction was the meeting at which Apuron told Fr. Gofigan to resign, 2) claiming that there had been an investigation into Fr. Paul’s alleged infraction when in fact there was none, 3) claimed that Fr. Paul had disobeyed the Archbishop even though Fr. Paul had already produced the documentation showing that he had obeyed as ordered, 4) claimed that Fr. Paul’s actions were a “danger to children” when in fact it was later proved that Apuron had permitted the same person to work at the parish 13 years earlier. - Archdiocese of Agana. (2013, July 22). Archdiocese Statement Regarding Father Paul Gofigan.

September 4, 2013 to December 27, 2013

Adrian Cristobal misleads Aaron Quitugua about why he cannot be sponsored to a seminary other than RMS which explicitly forms its priests according to the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way. Cornered by Quitugua’s questions, Cristobal tells Aaron that there is no money to support his priestly studies elsewhere, but when Aaron offers to pay for his own education Cristobal still denies him sponsorship. -

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Adrian Cristobal stonewalls the press on its inquiry into the treatment of Fr. Paul Gofigan saying:

"The conversations that Father Gofigan did write about would be considered internal and private matters concern the case of clergy discipline and basically where we stand as the archdioceses is that they don't believe that they warrant any further public comment," even though Cristobal himself, on July 22, 2013, went to the media to publicly accuse and denigrate Fr. Gofigan.

March 5, 2014

Adrian Cristobal declines comment to the Media regarding his mistreatment of Aaron Quitugua saying he “wouldn’t respond to rumors” when in fact the “rumors” were his own words documented by copies of his emails to Aaron Quitugua. - and VIDEO: Local Teen Denied Sponsorship to Off-Island Seminary, Archdiocese's Reasons Unclear

Friday, July 18, 2014

Adrian Cristobal, at a clergy meeting in the presence of Archbishop Martin Krebs, Apostolic Delegate to Oceania, denies that candidates to the permanent diaconate were forced to join the NCW as a condition of their formation, says he “merely wanted them to listen to a catechesis” and apologized if there was a “misunderstanding.” Cristobal was immediately countered by Deacon Len Stohr and Deacon Bill Hagen who both verified that the candidates were told to "walk" and that it was not voluntary. Caught in a lie, Cristobal says that he “couldn’t remember.” -

July 22, 2014

Adrian Cristobal runs interference for Apuron and Fr. John Wadeson after Wadeson’s record of sexual abuse allegations is exposed ten years after Apuron incardinated Wadeson as a priest of the Archdiocese of Agana. PNC News. (2014, July 22). Archdiocese Admits They Were Aware of Allegations of Sexual Abuse Against Father Wadeson 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Adrian Cristobal runs interference for the now-exposed, twice-accused for child sexual molestation, Fr. John Wadeson, a priest who had been incardinated by Apuron ten years previously, saying ”the allegations were made in 1990s and they were never substantiated. There was no settlement, the allegations just appeared.” He further added that the Archdiocese of Agana “does not discriminate against false or true accusations.” - Pacific News Center

July 26, 2014

Adrian Cristobal delivers the decree to Msgr. James Benavente, evicting him from his position as rector of the Cathedral after participating in the accumulation of allegations against Benavente and denying him any opportunity to respond. -

August 4, 2014

Adrian Cristobal lied to the public via the news media about the closing of the Cathedral Museum upon the ouster of Msgr. James Benavente as rector. Cristobal said that the museum was only closed temporarily due to the transition of leadership at the Cathedral. The museum was never reopened. - Lujan, V. (2014, October 30, 2014) Letter to Archbishop Apuron from Vangie Lujan.

August 19, 2014

Adrian Cristobal misleads the Media and the faithful claiming that Apuron intends to meet with the members of the Presbyteral council who wrote Apuron, challenging his statement that they had agreed to the removal of Msgr. James Benavente as rector of the Cathedral. Apuron never met with them. - Mantanane, S. (2014, August 19). Archbishop responds. KUAM

December 4, 2014.

Adrian Cristobal obstructs John Toves from meeting with Apuron saying that Apuron wasn’t available. Instructed Toves to meet with Deacon Larry Claros who then claimed Apuron’s innocence. - Dumat-­ol Daleno, G. (2014, December 4). Church official: Archbishop Apuron innocent. Pacific Daily News

December 5, 2014. 

Adrian Cristobal obstructs John Toves from meeting with Apuron saying that Apuron is “fully booked.”  - Deacon Claros Defends Archbishop from Sex Abuse Allegations.

December 6, 2014. 

Adrian Cristobal tells Media that Apuron will not meet with John Toves without a lawyer present.  Threatens to sue Toves. - Stole, J. (2014, December 6). Toves’ request to meet with Apuron denied. Marianas Variety.

December 24, 2014

Adrian Cristobal misleads the Media about Apuron’s censure of Deacon Steve Martinez regarding his involvement with the Concerned Catholics of Guam. Cristobal says there was no censure when in fact, Martinez was threatened with a censure unless he quit the CCOG. - Stole, J. (2014, December 24). Archdiocese says Deacon Steve Martinez was not censured. Marianas Variety.

January 5, 2015

Adrian Cristobal, after telling the press that the Visitators (Archbishop Hon, Archbishop Krebs, Fr. Nowak) intend to meet with various lay groups, blocks a meeting with the Concerned Catholics of Guam -

January 7, 2015

Adrian Cristobal sends a letter to KUAM in which he:

Accuses the previous Archdiocesan Finance Council of wanting to alienate the Yona property - when in fact they voted against it.

Accuses the finance council of intending to sell the property to cover debt incurred by the Cathedral and the Catholic Cemeteries. (The AFC has no authority to sell anything. Only the Archbishop can authorize a sale of church property.)

Asserts that RMS is NOT forming priests for the neocatechumenal way when in fact its articles of incorporations specifically state that RMS is for the exclusive formation of priests per the “life and practice of the neocatechumenal way.”

Misleads the public about the true ownership of the Yona property by referring to an opinion by the Pontifical Council for the Interpretation of Legislative Acts - an opinion not permitted for the public to see and which we later learned, an opinion wholly formed out of the information given to it by Pius Sammut, the chief catechist for the NCW in Guam.

Lies to the public about the transfer of title to the Yona property saying that it was just a transfer of title between two corporations sole, when, as already proved in a legal opinion, and later proved by the events which transferred title back to the Archdiocese of Agana, RMS was NOT a corporation sole, but a corporation separately incorporated from the Archdiocese of Agana and of which Apuron only one vote on its board and the board was further controlled by a Board of Guarantors which was controlled by the Neocatechumenal Way Team for the United States.

Lies to the public about the intention of the donor saying that it was for the erection of the RMS seminary and the Theological Institute. The lie was later laid bare by the Mother Prioress of the local Carmelite Monastery who told the media that the donor, a sister Carmelite monastery in St. Louis, MO, had never heard of RMS or the Theological Institute and had only wanted to help establish a seminary for Guam which they believed would provide an actual diocesan formation.

Misleads the public about the role of the RMS Board of Guarantors, saying they only existed to insure the purpose of the corporation when in fact they controlled every aspect of the corporation even down to expenses of more than $5000 as stated clearly in the RMS Bylaws.

Cristobal, A. (2015, January 7). Answer to Question submitted by KUAM News Jolene Toves.

June 17th, 2015 

Adrian Cristobal met with CCOG vice president, David Sablan. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss conditions of any future meetings between CCOG officials and Archbishop Apuron to bring about healing and unity within our Archdiocese.  After the meeting, Mr. Sablan sent Fr. Adrian Cristobal an email confirmation of the conditions discussed at the meeting for his ready reference and discussion with Archbishop Apuron (see email below).  Fr. Adrian responded, stating he will get back to Mr. Sablan.  To date, CCOG has not received any response from the Chancery on whether the Archbishop will agree to the conditions put forth by CCOG to begin healing and unity, and to restore the trust the Catholic Faithful have in Archbishop Apuron. -

January 25, 2015

Adrian Cristobal forwards to the Media a report which publicly abuses Msgr. James Benavente. The email header showing that Cristobal was the one who forward the report is found here

June 23, 2015

Adrian Cristobal misleads the public about the true nature of RMS: “The Redemptoris Mater doesn't teach the Neocatechumenal Way, Cristobal said. Seminarians are trained for ministry in the church, they are not trained for the Neocatechumenal Way as was falsely noted," Cristobal wrote. - Raymundo, S. (2015, June 23). Church explains spending: Appeal goes to seminaries, chaplains. Pacific Daily News

July 12, 2015

Adrian Cristobal violated the intentions of the donor by taking it upon himself to rename the Boys Chapel at Father Duenas High School. Apuron later confirmed that it was Cristobal who had renamed the chapel. -

September 24, 2015

Adrian Cristobal via the Marianas Variety again misleads the public about the ownership of the Yona property and the true purpose of RMS. -

April 12, 2016

Adrian Cristobal, with Edivaldo, go before the Rotary Club of Guam to repeat the lies about the ownership of the Yona Property and the purpose of RMS. - Quintanilla, K. (2016, April 12). Archdiocese seeks to dispel “lies”. KUAM

April 13, 2016

Adrian Cristobal misleads the public about the status of Fr. Luis Camacho who was arrested by Guam police a year earlier. Cristobal told the press that Camacho “was sent to a place he could be followed psychologically and spiritually, and is still under supervised ministry.” (However, a parish in Doha, Qatar had published a flyer about Camacho leading a youth retreat, and Bishop Camillo Ballin had written that Camacho was “my priest now.” - Baza, I. (2016, April 13). Church continues to investigate Fr. Luis Camacho. KUAM. 

May 31, 2016

Adrian Cristobal accuses the mother of Joseph Quinata of “malicious and calumnious accusations”: “In the past days, malicious and calumnious accusations against the Archbishop have surfaced, even from a deceased person,” Father Adrian L.F. Cristobal, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Agana, said in a statement. - Eugenio, H. (2016, May 31). Mother of deceased man accuses Apuron of molesting son. Pacific Daily News.

June 3, 2016

Adrian Cristobal accuses Deacon Steve Martinez of “malicious and intentionally false claims” against Archbishop Apuron, and threatens canonical and civil action against him. In his media statement, Cristobal went on to publicly accuse Martinez of incompetence as the archdiocese’s financial officer. In the same press release, Cristobal accuses Martinez of being part of the “Rohr Group,” and further accuses Tim Rohr of conspiring to sell the Yona property in order to cash in on a real estate commission. - Archdiocese of Agana. (2016, June 3). Archdiocese of Agana Media Release, June 3, 2016.

June 5, 2016

Adrian Cristobal signs the decree labeling the Concerned Catholics of Guam a “prohibited society.”


Adrian Cristobal told the future Fr. Richard Kidd that in the Archdiocese of Agana the diocesan priesthood was no more, there was only the Neocatechumenal Way. - May be verified by Fr. Richard Kidd

Adrian Cristobal complains that he’s not getting paid enough.

Comments from 

Monday, January 13, 2014

We have to remove the psychological fear which is being conveyed by the three on the hill. They use fear to mentally break priests. It's been going on for years from Archbishop Apuron and Fr. Adrian. Some priests are sick at this time because of what's happening. We must clear up this fear that has been perpetrated on our priests. It's a very unhealthy situation and I believe it is destroying priests in the region.  It's about healing the past and renewing. I believe priests on Guam are silently hurting, afraid to express themselves because of fear. We need to heal. It's time to prepare for priest-people power.

There is nothing we can really do until the Holy See decides to send a visitor to Guam. Priests and people need to be individually interviewed  so there is no fear of revenge by Archbishop Apuron, Fr. Adrian, or Msgr. David. A group of priests who see the danger Guam is in will have to come together and seek an appointment with Archbishop Krebs the Apostolic Nuncio. Guam’s people will back these priests.

Name withheld out of fear

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The priests in the Archdiocese of Agana are under duress. The core aspects of preaching about injustices have been muffled by the Archbishop,  Msgr. David C. Quitugua (vicar general), and Fr. Adrian Cristobal (chancellor).  Because all three are beside themselves, not knowing what to do or how to deal with issues before them, and based on historical facts, they are more prone to making rash and ill-guided decisions.  Because they are desperate, they are likely to make decisions that hurt people in an attempt to survive.  To those monitoring from Rome, come to Guam and you'll be surprise how many clergy and lay faithful will come forward to meet with you.  The Archdiocese is no longer under the control the Archbishop.  The Archdiocese is in peril. The Archdiocese needs the intervention of Rome, and it is needed immediately.

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